Getty and iStock want to #RePicture the world

This summer Getty Images and iStock launched a global competition asking photographers to help #RePicture the world and change the paradigm around stereotypical imagery currently used to describe people and communicate concepts. Think of topics such as love, family, body, hero, women and age. That’s ironic, cause when we Google ‘happy family’ we easily come across this iStock family. Apparently though Getty… More.


Only the chocolote bit at the bottom

Kickstarter allows you to make your wildest dreams come true. Take the Bacon Sprinkles by Natwerk that we recently featured. Or these pointy chocolate filled bits (“Puntjes”) at the bottom of a Cornetto. Silly, this initiative by creative team Sharon Goldstoff and Jimmy Mars? Not really, there’s even a Facebook page called “Eating a Cornetto quickly… More.


MediaMonks opens in LA

As from this month MediaMonks is officially open for business in LA. The new office is on Venice Beach, which has become a creative hub and home to digital start-ups like snapchat. According to founder and COO Wesley ter Haar: “After almost 3 years on the US market it was time time to open a hub… More.



Uncommon is seeking the uncomfortable in the comfortable. Uncommon are those who dare to fly without wings. Uncommon is seeing big, in small. Uncommon is 4 agencies, 3 months each. Dawn, Natwerk SUE and Achtung! launch the first cross-agency advertising traineeship program in the Netherlands (minimum age 27, at least 2 years working experience, you have to… More.


Playgrounds is coming to Amsterdam

Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. The four-day festival, taking place in Tilburg and Amsterdam, presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival, offering a program filled with artist talks, workshops, masterclasses, meet ‘n’ greets, screenings, interactive installations and live performances, kicks off on October… More.


Wearing earplugs is cool

During the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), last week, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports launched a campaign about the fact that wearing earplugs is not uncool. How? By making a series of 24 pictures of music lovers wearing them – among them DJ Martin Garrix, a 50-year old Kiss-fan and 11-year old Boyband-fan. Not… More.


Do not attempt to read this

They are the words that nobody reads: The disclaimer. From the people nobody cares about: The legal department. Last week I saw a commercial for Finish dishwasher tablets. I would have loved to show it but after several calls & e-mails to their customer service I gave up. They simply didn’t want to share the… More.


One big design ad

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is one big ad for Dutch Design and its Design Academy. That said, it is a very engaging and inspiring one. Maybe the power of Dutch Design is stripping something to its bare essentials without loosing the imagination. Contradictory it seems. But so is the term Dutch Design. Inspiration comes… More.