Introducing a newsletter

Whohoo! As from this week we’ve launched a newsletter. Originally we thought newsletters were old school, but we changed our minds. The most important reason for doing so is Facebook. Over the past year it has changed its algorithm so that the organic reach of our Fanpage has strongly declined. That’s pretty frustrating, especially since… More.


We were on a boat

JongeHonden's Jolien Kappert and Èwa Oduguwa share their story of winning last week's Randstad pitch and earning a trip to Eurobest.


In the pocket plus

Last week the new iPhone was introduced in the Netherlands. Since there’s not much to say about the iPhone 6, except that it now finally has the same size as the Samsung Galaxy, we were quite surprised that people were still standing in line. Anyway, since the iPhone 6+ can almost shake hands with the mini iPad,… More.


The Human Truck

The world of international parcel and freight distribution is quite competitive. But it’s also pretty homogeneous; the big brands, such as UPS, DHL and TNT, will all tell you that they service your package as fast as possible. That’s maybe why TNT decided to introduce a new visual identiy and pay off: “The People Network.”… More.


We are who we become

“Where you come from is not who you are. And where you start, is not where you finish.” With that line (written by Wieden’s account manager (!) Charlotte Jongejan), the idea of this ad instantly unfolds. The five South African kids that have conquered their problems with sports, together with the beautiful cinematography – graded… More.


Manually enhanced posters

Team Thursday created really nice simplistic posters for Moving Futures. Loes van Esch and Simone Trum of Team Thursday made a single poster design and enhanced every print of the poster with a red marker. The result is powerful and divers. It is very noticeable when you drive through the city. Great work Loes and… More.


Image Hunters

Collecting images has been made extremely easy thanks to the world wide web. What’s more, through search the most diverse collections arise. Some collections are striking enough to exhibit. For instance, the famous ‘Pantone Merkel’ collection of Noortje van Eekelen. Or Frank Schallmaier’s men from gay dating sites, who are unrecognizable due to the camera flash. On Saturday 8… More.


New Dorp, New York

PostPanic’s Dutch director Fons Schiedon created a 3D animated video clip around a dog-like creature and a surreal American metropolis. It was made for record label Young Turks and its artist SBTRKT. The clip, dubbed “New Dorp, New York,” is the first release from SBTRKT’s new album ‘Wonder Where We Land.’ PostPanic about the film:… More.


RA*W Career Day

To help young advertising talent to manage their career RA*W organises a Career Day on 25 October. During this day account managers and strategists with 1 to 5 year working experience, can learn things like how to position themselves through social media, how they can make the most of contract negotiations and the do’s en don’ts… More.


How to ban cycle-apping?

A typical Dutch problem; many children (and adults, if we may include ourselves) use WhatsApp on their bicycle. As you can imagine this causes many accidents – in one out of 5 accidents, involving children, a smartphone was used. Since in the Netherlands cyclists are legally very well protected in traffic the government wants to… More.