Marry a friend for a day

This weekend Amsterdam celebrates gay pride, which means boats cruising through the canals with dancing gays on them. T-Mobile, using a sort of pink (magenta to be precise) in its visual identity, logically chose the weekend to add some love to its brand. Its agency,… More.


Free Jazz in Blue

Wow, this online experience, dubbed ‘Symphony in Blue‘ – named after Johnnie Walker’s rarest Blue label – is quite elaborate and state of the art. The journey, engages the consumer for quite a long time, richly and seamlessly includes digital, film and sound. It even… More.


Niek Eijsbouts Creative Director at SuperHeroes

SuperHeroes signed Niek Eijsbouts as creative director for its Amsterdam office. With this hire the agency, takes the next step in its ambitious growth plans and their mission “to save the world from boring advertising.” Eijsbouts worked at agencies such as KesselsKramer and Happiness Brussels. At SuperHeroes, Eijsbouts… More.


Do try this at home

“In 1963 a scientist accidentally discovered the world’s strongest fiber” the story starts. “Since then it has been used to lift buildings, stop bullets and repair humans”. And “now it’s time for the next step”. Ok, you have our attention. Then the music and good-looking… More.


Thispage can be flipped

Normally we don’t write about agencies that have updated their website – after all, we also don’t post about agencies buying a new coffee machine. But some agencies (read: Khanna\Reidinga) are so proud of their website that they have the entire agency spam us with… More.


Old Amsterdam promotes ‘Black Bastard’

Old Amsterdam makes very tasty old cheese. And it’s a brand that from day one understood its marketing. That is, if misleading the consumer is understanding marketing; officially the cheese is not from Amsterdam and not ‘Old’ – since the maturing process is artificially shortened. Nevertheless, it is… More.


Vo and Schutte join Superhero Cheesecake

Superhero Cheesecake welcomes two new faces to its team: Yasmine Vo joins as Senior Visual & Motion Designer and Bas Schutte as Senior Digital Producer. Vo worked at full service digital agencies Emakina and Mirabeau. Her expertise, visual and motion design, is an essential part of SC’s production process and… More.


Mini Shopping Center of Cool

The Mini Shopping Center Of Cool (MSCOC) is the smallest creative shopping center of Amsterdam, where all sorts of designers sell unique (read: not mass produced) t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories, jewelry, art & art prints and books. The MSCOC, founded by Natalie Semaka, now wants to… More.