Bicky, named after Vicky

We like odd and quirky. Especially when brands are talking about products that don’t really have any interesting benefits. Since burgers can nowadays be acquired on every corner of the street, odd and quirky is what sets you apart. Brussels’ based Mortierbrigade is known for the… More.



ADNIGHT, a new initiative founded by Denise Willigers, Claire Daemen, Rose Zandvliet and Wybe Sallows, is “the ultimate kitchen review”. For one night a selection of agencies open their doors to the ad industry and offer an “inspiring program” so that ad folk can get… More.


Lowbrow turned highbrow

Rock and roll stars get knighted, graffiti artists conquer art gallery spaces… Eventually, all ‘low’ culture gets appreciated by the establishment. It sure took a while, but later this month Antwerp’s museum of modern art MUHKA will host an exhibition dedicated to house and rave… More.


Everything Artis

After the immensely popular cuddly animal ‘Artis de Partis’ – almost part of the Dutch heritage – and the take-away outdoor stickers, Artis has launched yet another great ‘brand utility’; building blocks with which fans of Amsterdam’s zoo Artis can create any animal they like. The… More.


Way-out weirdness

Old Spice has successfully claimed the domain of way-out weirdness. This week they’re taking it to the next level by parodying their own parodies of advertising by remixing them. Behold and see Nick DenBoer’s ‘horrifying mutant nightmare abomination’.