Playgrounds is coming to Amsterdam

Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. The four-day festival, taking place in Tilburg and Amsterdam, presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival, offering a program filled with artist talks, workshops, masterclasses, meet ‘n’ greets, screenings, interactive installations and live performances, kicks off on October… More.


Wearing earplugs is cool

During the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), last week, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports launched a campaign about the fact that wearing earplugs is not uncool. How? By making a series of 24 pictures of music lovers wearing them – among them DJ Martin Garrix, a 50-year old Kiss-fan and 11-year old Boyband-fan. Not… More.


Do not attempt to read this

They are the words that nobody reads: The disclaimer. From the people nobody cares about: The legal department. Last week I saw a commercial for Finish dishwasher tablets. I would have loved to show it but after several calls & e-mails to their customer service I gave up. They simply didn’t want to share the… More.


One big design ad

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is one big ad for Dutch Design and its Design Academy. That said, it is a very engaging and inspiring one. Maybe the power of Dutch Design is stripping something to its bare essentials without loosing the imagination. Contradictory it seems. But so is the term Dutch Design. Inspiration comes… More.


Imagine 306 kilowatts

Electrified. A bit of a lazy pun, but that’s how we felt when watching this ad. When you normally talk about the power of a car, you talk about horsepower. And we can all, more or less, imagine what the power of a horse is. But what to envision when talking about kilowatts? Achtung! asked… More.


Lemz wins Dutch Digital Design Award

The case – or rather Lemz – that has already won an incredible amount of advertising awards (among which 13 Lions in Cannes), this weekend also won the prestigious Dutch Design Award at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The jury about the concept: “The case not just shows convincingly what design can do for us, but also… More.


Meals That Get You Laid

The provocative title “Meals That Get You Laid” is the title for a cookbook created by five friends; photographer Jaap Vliegenthart, entrepreneur Otto Jurgens, ad creatives Marc Bennink and Ivar van der Zwan and designer Esther van de Steene. The book is almost finished, but to actually print it the team is trying to crowdfund the… More.



During this year’s Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven Michiel van Abbe (VANABBETOTVESSEM) shows three light-objects, as part of the Unlocked exhibition. Michiel van Abbe’s ‘Relight’ combines light and photography into light objects.  Unlocked shows work by participants of Driving Dutch Design, a platform for starting design entrepreneurs. His and others work are on show from 18 till 26 October at Strijp-T.


Limited Kia

A limited edition Kia painted by Herman Brood Selwyn Senatori, very nicely filmed, with one of Vivaldi’s seasons bringing the finishing touch. Created by Woedend!, directed by Aaron van Valen (Comrad), and sound by Audentity.