Easy Access

Since the 80s Centraal Beheer does funny commercials to entertain the people. And of course to raise brand awareness and sell some insurances. The films are always a little silly – sometimes a little too silly in our opinion. But this one made us smile… More.


Interactive BBQ Cultures

UncleGrey Denmark and MediaMonks have created “BBQ Cultures” for BBQ brand Weber, which is a digital platform featuring a series of films with an interactive layer on top, allowing you to dive into different BBQ cultures and – naturally – Weber products. The combination of… More.


The Curly Letter of Amsterdam

A few weeks ago a new book was launched in Amsterdam about the curly letters that can be found painted on the windows of old ‘brown’ cafés in Amsterdam. Re-Type founder Ramiro Espinoza researched the letter for almost a decade and created a digital font out of it, named… More.


Anti-smoke messages in tar

We’ve all seen these messages on the dirty pavements, made with a stencil and a power washer. This is the same concept, only on the ceilings of smokey bars. And though we always try to stay out of politics this is one of those moments… More.


Amsterdam wins 8 D&AD pencils

Last week the D&AD pencils were awarded to the most sophisticated agencies in the world. The Netherlands won 10 pencils – of which 8 went to Amsterdam (2 to Nai010 Publishers in Rotterdam). G-Star (with an in-house creative department), FHV BBDO and Part of a… More.


Booking Dot Premium

Wieden has created yet another series of commercials for Booking.com. The frequency with which the agency is allowed to produce these new high production value films confirms that the online travel agent is the biggest booking platform in the world – making quite some money… More.



Sorry, we’re off today! The king is throwing a party! Image created by Khanna\Reidinga for the Beats By Dre Kingsday Festival at the Olympic Stadium.


For the makers of today

For those of you who have been living underneath a stone in the past year, there are two clear trends in advertising; craftsmanship (brands want to be artisan) and mini-docs (‘reality’ has become the new advertising). Merge the two and you have a mini-doc about… More.


For amateurs

There are not many brands that dare to position themselves as a brand for amateurs. Since every football brand uses stars like Messi (yawn), there’s a wide-open space for amateur brands. Copa fills it up. Here’s another film. The players are clearly not as attractive as… More.