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Cucalu enhances your creativity

August 22, 2014, AAB

Cucalu enhances your creativity - August 2014Amsterdam based Headmade (not based in Germany, as the URL suggests), created the app Cucalu, which is a “game” that helps you to stretch your creativity, just by taking photos of geometrical shapes in your environment. It is the brainchild of artist Daniel Disselkoen (we once featured his Maneater in the Talent of the Month section), and “lures you into looking at the ordinary from a new perspective.” As the nice app trailer shows, the software combines your photos into unique short compilations. The trailer was filmed in Amsterdam Noord, at the moment the creative centre of Amsterdam – and constantly popping up as one of the most creative (or ‘hipster’) neighborhoods in the world.

Brand New China

August 20, 2014, AAB

2014 08 Brand New China On the roadMaren Stiker and Rogier Bikker traveling through China – here from Qinghai Lake to Dunhuang.

Two Dutchmen, Rogier Bikker (26, ad strategist) and Maren Striker (30, urban planner) three weeks ago left on a 3-month journey, from Shanghai to Rotterdam. The trip, dubbed Brand New China, follows the former Silk Road and will cover 20,000 kilometers and 11 countries. The Dutchies are using only Chinese brands during their trip to show that China is becoming more and more innovative. The PR-cherry on top of this adventure is that the trip coincides with the celebration of the 35 years sister-city relationship between Shanghai and Rotterdam. Enough reasons to ask Striker and Bikker some questions. More…

Gorter and De Ridder work at Dawn

August 19, 2014, AAB

Yme Gorter and Paul J. Ridder winning two pencils - July 2014Last month we wrote about Yme Gorter and Paul J. de Ridder winning a Yellow and Black pencil at the D&AD New Blood Awards with a casefilm introducing a green button in Google that filters only the green search results. At the time they studied at the Edinburgh Napier University. But the pencils helped them to quickly find a job; yesterday they started at Dawn. A good match, cause Dawn is the agency that likes to work for charities and sustainable causes – such as Triodos and the Fairphone. David Snellenberg, ECD at Dawn, about the hire: “These guys fit within our ambition to further integrate our strategy and creative floors. With their two pencils Paul and Yme have proven to be able to come up with ideas on consultancy level.

A better world for our children

August 18, 2014, AAB

Together with Unicef ING sponsors educational projects for children around the globe. Hence this revolving globe that puts some of the projects in the spotlight. According to the press release the story was not just told in a special way (the revolving installation was physically built), but also in a sustainable way. Together with Pedri Animation (production) and Clay! (illustration)  JWT compiled the installation with old office materials, such as the foam from an old chair and a pen (used as a drainpipe). Why? Apparently ING also wanted to slip in a bit of a distracting sustainability message; the bank claims to be climate neutral – whatever that means. The messages are tied together with “A better world for our children.” In any case, kudos for the craft – and playful copy.

3D Printed Petition

August 15, 2014, AAB

World Animal Protection 3D printed elephant - August 20143D printers are hot. But what to do with them in advertising? You could for example 3D print a petition in the shape of an elephant at Schiphol. When you sign the petition and commit yourself to never ride an elephant (again), the elephant gains a piece of its completion – in the image you see his trunk. On top of that your name is engraved in the object in a special typeface; the ‘Elephont.’ The project combines five Ultimaker 3D printers to print the elephant. We’re not sure to whom the petition will be presented, but that doesn’t really matter, cause the attention is there. The project is a collaboration of  World Animal Protection, Ultimaker, FHV BBDO, Minivegas and 3D-print designer Joris van Tubergen.

Teun’s ‘epic’ 400 train station selfies

August 14, 2014, AAB

In the best case advertising copies art, somebody once wrote on this blog. This ad is not exactly copying art, but it is a good example of how advertising sometimes smartly adopts cultural phenomenons (or memes, if you like). This one, for example, is borrowing the idea of the 3 Year Epic Selfie, which of course is more or less a copy of Christoph Rehage’s work from 2009, walking through China and taking a selfie each day – you can see his beard grow. One year earlier we saw Matt Harding doing his funny little dance in almost every country in the world – 47 million hits at the moment! Harding’s idea at the time was also picked up by some FMCG brand. Anyway, meet “Teun”, an ex-student taking us around 400 Dutch Railway (NS) stations in the Netherlands. Just like the previous commercial it makes traveling with the NS look quite adventurous. And if you wonder what the message is: when you’ve finished your studies you can buy a discount card, and thus travel to every exotic shit hole in the Netherlands. We’re almost tempted. The film was created by N=5 and directed by Wim Dijksterhuis (Eyeforce).

Ideas for Fuel

August 14, 2014, AAB

Jonay Sosa and Ideas for Fuel - August 2014We already wrote about Mark van der Heijden aka the Backpacker Intern and where his journey has taken him so far. Now we present to you a similar merger of itchy feet and a PR-minded personality; Jonay Sosa, a copywriter from Spain, who is exchanging creative Ideas for Fuel: he is traveling around Europe in a VW California van stopping at different agencies. At the moment he has parked his van in Amsterdam, where he is working for KesselsKramer. Then he’ll be traveling to Germany, followed by Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Eesti, Latvia, Lietuva, and the polar circle in Norway as destination. So far he has 5000+ km on the counter. Sosa has been working at Saatchi in Madrid the past seven years and since he loves to travel and has no family or mortgage this was the time to leave. Besides a lot of driving and working Sosa is also busy with a “Street Art Poetry” project consisting of stamps and pictures. The work in progress can be followed via his Instagram account.

WE ARE Pi wins Kipling global business

August 13, 2014, AAB

We are Pi - Kipling - August 2014WE ARE Pi has won the Global Kipling advertising account. The Belgian brand approached different agencies to implement the brand’s new strategic positions. Kipling is part of the VF Corporation with headquarters in Bornem, Belgium. The company also owns Wrangler (won also by WE ARE Pi in April), Lee, JanSport, and The North Face. WE ARE Pi Partner Patrick Garvey about the new account: “We are very excited about lending our minds to extend the Kipling story. Kipling is one of the fastest-growing brands within the VF CorporationThey’ve built a soaring business on an incredibly strong brand DNA and have ambitious global growth plans.” In the words of Creative Partner Barney Hobson: “We are looking forward to some monkey business.”


August 13, 2014, Vincent Houtman

From Tina, for the Swiss

August 11, 2014, AAB

This is weird. Tina Turner altering her personal history for Swisscom; young Tina wearing ice skates on her childhood farm, making cheese fondue for her friends and yodel on stage (!). It feels like a bit of a mistmatch. Especially when at the end it becomes clear that Swisscom is promoting an app dubbed “iO” (having to do something with privacy and free calls and texting) “from the Swiss for the Swiss.” Even if Turner last year obtained the Swiss nationality and is happily married to a Swiss, she makes the app feel rather exotic. All in all, however, we have to add that the premium production value of the film and quirkiness certainly make it stand out and provide great water cooler talk. Created by Heimat (Berlin), directed by Johan Kramer (100% Halal), shot by Wouter Westerdorp, produced by Stories (Zürich) and 100% Halal (Amsterdam) and post produced by MPC Amsterdam.