Portrait of a couple

Last week this artwork appeared in the Haarlemmerstraat. It comes with a small museum-like sign that says it originally is a work by Frans Hals, called “Portrait of a Couple” and that it’s recreated by the duo TelmoMiel. Two more works by Rembrandt and Willem van de Velde were created by Michel Alders and Donovon… More.


How Facebook distorts reality

Amsterdam can be as exotic as you want it to be. We already knew that. But it’s what Amsterdam based graphic designer Zilla van den Born proved quite convincingly with her Facebook trip through South East Asia. For five week she hid herself in her apartment in Amsterdam and travelled through Asia with Google, Photoshop and Facebook.… More.


Feel the game

We’ve covered quite a few FIFA games (here’s #14) and we know by now that EA always likes to show us how we can become part of the game. Well, this immersive 2:15 (!) director’s cut, aptly shows how Fifa 15 completely enhances the player’s gaming experience – from a tackle to a shower and yellow card.… More.


Daniel Sytsma partner at Achtung!

Per September Daniël Sytsma is partner at Achtung!, where he has worked as a designer since 2007. As a hybrid between strategy, concept and design he evolved into being creative director. Dick Buschman, founder of Achtung!: “With Daniël becoming shareholder in our agency we are incorporating strategy, concept and design in the heart of the organisation. It… More.


A finger… In Almost Every Picture #13

We’ve often written about Erik Kessels’ accidental photography books, because we love the casual everydayness of them. Here’s a new one, from the series In Almost Every Picture. It’s book #13 already, and this time his photos feature a finger in front of the lens. The press release: “Over the course of this book, the… More.


Wholesale energy

Qurrent is a Dutch sustainable energy company that doesn’t strive for profit maximization, but for a world in which each of us generates the energy we use. On top of that Qurrent stimulates us to generate our own (sustainable) energy. Because Qurrent is founded for a better environment, it offers green energy for wholesale prices. So, how… More.


Works for you

“If you give it your all, you expect the same from others. So why not from your bank?” Knab (‘bank’ spelled backwards) helps you to make the most of your money (with the pay off: “The bank that works for you” – freely translated). There is also a tag-on, telling you that the bank gives… More.


Wow this yoghurt makes me feel really uplifted!

Picture this. Breakfast time. Me and my muesli. I get my yoghurt out. When opening the lid I see this text printed on the packaging: ‘Eat well, feel uplifted’. And I snap. Feel uplifted? You are yoghurt man! Do you really think that me eating your yoghurt will make me feel uplifted? It gives me… More.