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A video clip with extras

April 24, 2014, AAB

Hi Making of videoclip - April 2014Here’s the ‘making of’ an interactive, mobile first video clip FHV BBDO created for Hi and Ronnie Flex’ new track ‘Pocahontas.’ The clip, especially made for mobile and featuring Hi’s famous ad character Uriah Arnhem, unlocks different storylines, easter eggs and several interactive options – like being able to scratch a record. It was made with Top Notch, Universal Music Group, Vice, Habbekrats, Yellowbird en

Ideas To Steal

April 24, 2014, AAB

Ideas to stealAs we all know, the most frustrating thing about being an ad creative, is seeing your ideas get killed. Another anxiety driver in advertising is getting a brief that is hard to crack. London based and freelance digital creative director team Kalle Everland and Timo Klaarenbeek decided to turn these two negatives into a positive and created, an online platform for advertising creatives to post their bottom drawer ideas and allow fellow creatives to steal them for a chance to actually make them happen. Klarenbeek about the project: “The entire world has become social, we share everything online, so why not share and use each other’s ideas?” Well, we can think of a number of reasons, but with Picasso’s well known ‘good artists copy, great arists steal’ the creative team encourages us to upload any unused ideas. And if used successfully, the site also encourages you to credit the ones submitting it.

Committing to an open relationship

April 23, 2014, AAB

Vodafone introduced a new “hybride platform”, allowing customers to change their mobile plan every month, depending on their needs and without a lengthy contract. Khanna\Reidinga translated this creatively into the concept of an ‘open relationship’. The film, in which consumers informally make vows to commit to the contract, feels a little awkward in the beginning, but since at the same time it looks refreshingly genuine, we found it quite sympathetic after all. Directed by Dirk Gerritsen (Woolf Productions).

Iris expands

April 22, 2014, AAB

Van-Gelder,-Hoftijzer,-De-Jong,-Kusyuniansari-and-StuartFLTR: Marie Claire van Gelder, Vincent Hoftijzer, Manon de Jong, Hera Kusyuniansari and Josh Stuart
Since iris is on a growth mission – as international network and especially in Amsterdam – the agency has hired 5 new employees. First of all, Josh Stuart joins iris as creative and will work across the whole client portfolio. Stuart worked at DDB & Tribal Amsterdam and DraftFCB Auckland. Also joining CD Tom Ormes’ team is Hera Kusyuniansari as a Junior Designer. Marie Claire van Gelder will join as a Digital Account Director. Before she worked at TBWA/Busted. The fourth hire is Manon de Jong, who will take on the role of Community Manager – joining the account department. Finally, Vincent Hoftijzer, will reinforce iris’ strategic consulting arm, iris Concise. He’ll be reporting into Paul Greenep, who is MD of iris Concise in the region. Iris Concise is a new label that joined the iris group last August. It offers strategic development, evaluation and measurement to brands such as Shell, Philips, TomTom and Diageo.

A golden night in Panama

April 22, 2014,

Spinawards Party 2014Last week was the 16th time the SpinAwards – the awards for creativity in digital – were presented, and we were invited. With a record-breaking 15 Golden SpinAwards there was enough reason to party. Tout creative Amsterdam found its way to club Panama as the organization is known for throwing a good bash. The atmosphere was great as there was a good diversity of areas where you could reside depending on if you fancied a dance, a drink, a smoke or a chat. Nearly every area featured some sort of installation (such as the #TwitterMirror and the Lumasolator) inviting guests to take part in some form of “creative digital interactivity.” More…

Putting a ring on it

April 21, 2014, AAB

2014 Spinawards DDB & Tribal on stageLast Thursday night, the 16th annual SpinAwards ceremony took place in club Panama in Amsterdam. To celebrate the ultimate creativity in digital, the SpinAwards foundation handed out 15 gold and 17 silver awards, a new record. This year the awards in the shape of big rings were redesigned and 3D printed – as you can expect from a digital award show. To quote Beyonce: “If you like it then you should put a ring on it.”

Sports reinvented

April 18, 2014, AAB

Pushing yourself to the limit in sports advertising is not new – Nike invented it. And recently we even featured a film with handicapped people in it. But you can always take things to the next level. Here’s a mini-documentary that makes you want to drink Powerade until you have the same perseverence as Nico Calabria. It doesn’t surprise us that this hero also climbed the Kilamonjaro. And, yes, we know it’s all marketing, but what an epic (mind you, we don’t use this word very often) film this is. Created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Directed by AG Rojas (Caviar LA), shot by Frederick Backar and Michael Ragan, and edited by Whitehouse Post London.

The making of a claymation

April 17, 2014, AAB

Mona---April-2014A claymation, we had never heard of that. Production company The Ambassadors just made one, together with director Vincent Lammers, character designers Nick Groeneveld and Patrick Chin, and agency Selmore - responsible for the concept. Here’s how they did it – more or less. And, yes, at The Ambassadors they have a receptionist and drink coffee. Speaking of which, it’s for dessert brand Mona. You can choose your favourite dessert of the month. And the one with the most votes will reappear on the supermarket shelf. Simple and smart. You can find the final commercial here – with some catchy (Dutch) copy.

We Are Pi wins Wrangler

April 16, 2014, AAB

We Ar Pi wins WranglerAmsterdam-based We Are Pi, has been awarded the European Wrangler advertising account after a competitive pitch. According to the press release, We Are Pi’s appointment comes as Wrangler “looks to meet modern consumer’s needs,” which sounds like a pretty legitimate reason. After all, you don’t want to meet old fashioned consumer needs, do you? The agency, a break away from Wieden, is becoming a more serious player now – it already made some ‘serious’ advertising for Lego, last Christmas. And even the press release is serious: “Managing Director Alex Bennett Grant says; We are very excited to be part of growing the iconic Wrangler brand in Europe.” Nevertheless, a great win; congrats!

Ogilvy hires Ridder and Bokhoven

April 16, 2014, AAB

Jesse-Ridder-and-Jurriaan-van-Bokhoven---April-2014Ogilvy & Mather has hired Jesse Ridder (who we recently interviewed about introducing pizzas in China) and Jurriaan van Bokhoven to join the creative floor of their Amsterdam offices. The award winning team comes from Energize Amsterdam & Shanghai, where they worked on ING Worldwide, Samsung Mobile and Dr. Oetker China. At Ogilvy they will work on the entire client roster, starting with Center Parcs of which the agency just won the European account after an international pitch. The team – for Center Parcs, flown into Paris straight away – about the transfer: “Ogilvy is a huge international network that feels like a small shop. Everyone is free to contribute to the work and make it better. Of course, this is essential at an agency that preaches ‘The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness’ – never being satisfied with your own work. So we’re looking forward to being gloriously unhappy here.” Haha, amen to that.