Innocent Targets

Here in Europe we are always a little surprised how the gun lobby in the US is able to thwart every plan that tries to reform gun laws into more civilized laws. Which is why the Wild West has never disappeared in the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and why high school shootings are a pretty normal phenomenon.… More.


360° Nightmare

This must be scary, a virtual reality horror film that, thanks to the Oculus Rift, will give you a “360° nightmare”. “11:57” takes place in a bleak, abandoned basement in Amsterdam, “where you can scream as loud as you like, but looking away is not an option. And you’re not the spectator, but the victim.” The… More.


Let the music do the talking

The idea of this TV spot for “Radio Aalto” is simple – a screenplay compiled of unrelated classic pop song one-liners. What really takes this to the crème of this year’s commercials is the surreal execution. Imagine the movie Drive and put it into a Kaurismäki setting with Lynch-like characters. Somehow it distantly reminds me… More.


Tight pants and epiphanies

Some time ago I was speeding along the beautiful polders of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel on my racing bike. Yes, I’m one of those people. And yes: helmet, shirt with loud advertising and tight shorts that show the world you have no career waiting in the porn industry but your butt would look really great… More.


Dutch Animation Carousel

Making the opening titles for the Playgrounds festival, as from tomorrow landing in Amsterdam, is an honour. And we have to say that OddOne – which is directors duo Peter van de Riet and Kerry Murphy – did what was expected from them. What a great title sequence, showing: “A surrealistic re-interpretation of the animation pipeline… More.


The ‘all new’ Car2Go

How to promote a car-sharing program that hasn’t really changed? You simply come up with typical car-sharing features and give them a new name, such as W.a.R.P. SPaSS and TaP-Ass. And, more importantly, you choose a “German Robo-Vixen” – as the press release calls her – to explain them. There is one feature in the ‘all new’… More.


10 Ways to overcome a Creative Block

You’ve just been briefed on an exciting project, your pristine new sketchbook is at the ready but you’re scared to ruin that first blank page. All you see is tumbleweed gently breezing past in your mind; the dreaded creative block has set in. We’ve all been there. I for one have experienced this situation and… More.


It’s okay to throw a plant away

This makes us think of the multi-award winning commercial (directed by Spike Jonze) telling us it is ok to throw away a lamp and buy a new one at IKEA – that was 2005 already! You’re crazy if you think a lamp has feelings. In that respect this one is slightly different. It actually does attribute feelings… More.


Hard not to be teased

Even if you don’t know who Alexander Wang is, this very fine commercial might persuade you to have a look in H&M’s “selected stores” on November 6th for his new collection especially designed for H&M. The two-minute film, created by H&M Redroom, directed by Tell No One, produced by Good Egg, and post produced by MPC, was… More.


Creative Press Challenge invites contestants

Just like last year De Persgroep organises the Creative Press Challenge, a contest among the best ad people in the industry to create a one-page newspaper ad. The idea behind it is to show that “bad ideas can’t hide in print.” And, of course, the contest is to promote the newspaper as advertising medium. Recently De Persgroep… More.