The Ambassadors’ new logo

Usually we don’t write about creative shops adopting new logo’s, but when we saw this beautiful animation of the new visual identity of “creative production studio” The Ambassadors, we felt a strong urge to share it. The identity was crafted by Part of a Bigger Plan and… More.


Circle of Centaurs

Mini docs are the new standard in advertising. And especially alcohol brands like to depict creative folk in them. A while ago we wrote about Warsteiner and Blend/Bureaux following the Dutch band De Jeugd. Much longer ago, in 2013, we interviewed Sid Lee about an… More.


It’s a trap

I need a vacation. My last one was in May, last year. I only know this because I stumbled upon pictures on my phone with me in them on a Balearic beach, dated May 2015. But other than that, I have no recollection of it… More.


“No actual cheesecake”

In Amsterdam we have agencies such as Lemon Scented Tea, Square Mellon, Greenberry and…. Superhero Cheesecake. These names are obviously a way to express creativity, but for a tourist with the munchies it all sounds quite consumable. Via Jan van Hellemond/The Poke/Joshua Boon.


Roaring rhetoric

Some ads stay with you a bit longer, or even grow on you. Like this ambiguous little gem by TBWA\Chiat\Day, in which Nissan honors its main competitors in the truck segment. They do so in a very delicate manner. It is goosebumps-evoking and brave. But cunning… More.


Creative Ping Pong

Random Studio and Koos Breen initiated a collaborative project, in which they responded on each other’s creative work. The self-defined rules imposed that each iteration – completed in 48 hours – would be a response to what the other produced – with 4 iterations in total. Koos Breen started with… More.


Soulful branding

Despite being lucky enough to travel regularly I am increasingly saddened by the same high street and supermarket shelves no matter what the city. Seeing the world as one market is creating a sea of sameness, we are losing the unique family run stores –… More.


Awwwards coming to town

A few years ago we had barely heard of the Awwwards – bit of difficult name to pronounce. But slowly but surely the conference, being held in the Royal Tropical Institute next week (27-29 Jan), is becoming the leading edge ad-tech event. The conference will host… More.


Find your magic

The Axe effect was turning somewhat stale – after more than a decade using the same proposition – so the deodorant brand decided to change its brand proposition. Quite exciting. And an honour for 72andSunny Amsterdam to help create it. According to the press release, research by… More.



Like the badass and a true gentleman that he is, he wouldn’t part ways without a final goodbye. He knew what was coming and for one last time gave us, his view on life, or in this case death. You can say many things about… More.