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The future of fashion is now

August 29, 2014, AAB

What a stylish video for De Bijenkorf! The title “The Future of Fashion is Now” might feel somewhat obligatory (if not cliché), but the wonderful video certainly lives up to the claim. Quite daring for department store De Bijenkorf. Though it is known for commercials with artistic touch (here and here for example), this one promoting De Bijenkorf’s Autumn/Winter collection 2014 definitely brings things on higher level, and thus easily adds to its credibility as a fashion house. De Intuïtiefabriek (art) and Ine & Sanne (“designers and concept instead of traditional film makers”) created this “by observing the form, textures and details of the clothing and using these to give a gracious connection between each look and it’s ambiance.” It was produced by Cake and the funky sound was done by Audentity.

Next time label it

August 28, 2014, AAB

A classic piece of slapstick for Brother (remember, the typewriter brand), with a great build up, perfect timing, strong acting, and impressive production value. And the concept (and pay off), “Next time label it”, guarantees creative mileage, in business class. Created by Rosapark Paris, directed by Dutchman Bart Timmer (Czar) and shot by Sebastian Blenkov.

Fond of Fonts

August 27, 2014, AAB

2014 08 Fond of Fonts WebsitesCutouts of Rick de Zwart (left) and Glenn Doherty’s Tumblr sites.

Amsterdam is a place where you see many different (handmade) typefaces in the street – all with a different message and emotion. This is what fascinates two industry professionals; independent graphic designer Rick de Zwart (aka Meneer de Zwart) and Glenn Doherty, art director at iris Amsterdam. Both typophiles have a Tumblr that features the types they see around them everyday. De Zwart (who designed Amsterdam Ad Blog’s visual identity) has named his Tumblr – with types from around the globe - A Pile of Type. Doherty has named his Tumblr My Type of Amsterdam, thus only focusing on Amsterdam. More…

Armistead Head of Planning at 180

August 27, 2014, AAB

Ben Armistead - August 2014180 Amsterdam appointed Ben Armistead as new Head of Planning. British native Armistead joins from Wieden+Kennedy Portland where he was Global Planning Director and responsible Electronic Arts and Powerade and Nike (regionally). Before W+K he was Senior Planner at Dare and member of the leadership team awarded Campaign’s Digital Agency of the Decade in 2009. In his new role Armistead will focus on achieving the agency’s future business plans and spearheading strategic plans for clients such as Asics, PlayStation and Qatar Airways. Armistead about his new role: “Strategic virtuosity is the life-blood of 180 Amsterdam.  Not only does the agency have a brand strategy plaque, in pride of place, on its front door, but also, it is the only agency in the world started by a strategic planner.

Joss the Boss

August 26, 2014, AAB

Shell-and-VVN---August-2014Of course the idea to turn an advertisement into a catchy videoclip is not entirely new – remember Smirnoff’s Tea Party? But this clip, “The Boss,” featuring Monsif and made especially for children that have to manoeuvre themselves through traffic on a bicycle is quite catchy. A question mark could be the effectiveness; will children change their cycling behaviour (stop for traffic lights, indicate direction, yield, etc.) after having seen this? We doubt it – “Joss” is not really the kind of cop we’d take seriously. But it’s a nice piece of content nevertheless. In fact, it is #1 in the iTunes Children’s Music Chart. Created by BrandBase for Shell and Veilig Verkeer Nederland (‘Safe Traffic NL’), because school has started again. The clip was directed by Nick Harmsen & Daan Dagevos and the music and lyrics were done by Studio De Keuken and Dangerous Kitchen Music.

IKEA Catalogue 2.0

August 25, 2014, AAB

Interactive TV was once seen as a big promise. The reason; you could watch your favourite soap, and then order the products that were featured in it – soap 2.0, as it were. But it never took off. Because no one wants to watch TV series disguised as commercials. The other way around, however, is different. Because when you go through this interactive website, dubbed “Where Good Days Start,” it is as if you’re (voluntarily) leaving through IKEA’s catalogue – for many an experience in itself – and receive the human angle as a bonus. The trailer (which we shared) and interactive experience were created by SMFB Oslo and directed and produced by MediaMonks. Interactive director, Jeroen van der Meer from MediaMonks, who collaborated with film director Tom Rijpert, about the project; “The idea was to surprise viewers throughout the film. With a score of extra content, you can diverge from the main storyline at any point during the film to learn more about the featured family members and products in short, interactive scenes.”

Cucalu enhances your creativity

August 22, 2014, AAB

Cucalu enhances your creativity - August 2014Amsterdam based Headmade (not based in Germany, as the URL suggests), created the app Cucalu, which is a “game” that helps you to stretch your creativity, just by taking photos of geometrical shapes in your environment. It is the brainchild of artist Daniel Disselkoen (we once featured his Maneater in the Talent of the Month section), and “lures you into looking at the ordinary from a new perspective.” As the nice app trailer shows, the software combines your photos into unique short compilations. The trailer was filmed in Amsterdam Noord, at the moment the creative centre of Amsterdam – and constantly popping up as one of the most creative (or ‘hipster’) neighborhoods in the world.

Brand New China

August 20, 2014, AAB

2014 08 Brand New China On the roadMaren Stiker and Rogier Bikker traveling through China – here from Qinghai Lake to Dunhuang.

Two Dutchmen, Rogier Bikker (26, ad strategist) and Maren Striker (30, urban planner) three weeks ago left on a 3-month journey, from Shanghai to Rotterdam. The trip, dubbed Brand New China, follows the former Silk Road and will cover 20,000 kilometers and 11 countries. The Dutchies are using only Chinese brands during their trip to show that China is becoming more and more innovative. The PR-cherry on top of this adventure is that the trip coincides with the celebration of the 35 years sister-city relationship between Shanghai and Rotterdam. Enough reasons to ask Striker and Bikker some questions. More…

Gorter and De Ridder work at Dawn

August 19, 2014, AAB

Yme Gorter and Paul J. Ridder winning two pencils - July 2014Last month we wrote about Yme Gorter and Paul J. de Ridder winning a Yellow and Black pencil at the D&AD New Blood Awards with a casefilm introducing a green button in Google that filters only the green search results. At the time they studied at the Edinburgh Napier University. But the pencils helped them to quickly find a job; yesterday they started at Dawn. A good match, cause Dawn is the agency that likes to work for charities and sustainable causes – such as Triodos and the Fairphone. David Snellenberg, ECD at Dawn, about the hire: “These guys fit within our ambition to further integrate our strategy and creative floors. With their two pencils Paul and Yme have proven to be able to come up with ideas on consultancy level.

A better world for our children

August 18, 2014, AAB

Together with Unicef ING sponsors educational projects for children around the globe. Hence this revolving globe that puts some of the projects in the spotlight. According to the press release the story was not just told in a special way (the revolving installation was physically built), but also in a sustainable way. Together with Pedri Animation (production) and Clay! (illustration)  JWT compiled the installation with old office materials, such as the foam from an old chair and a pen (used as a drainpipe). Why? Apparently ING also wanted to slip in a bit of a distracting sustainability message; the bank claims to be climate neutral – whatever that means. The messages are tied together with “A better world for our children.” In any case, kudos for the craft – and playful copy.