The Amsterdam agency Strawberry Frog – founded in 1999 – changed its name into Amsterdam Worldwide (AW). Brian Elliott, co-founder of Strawberry Frog and CEO of AW said the name change was necessary because of the changing advertising landscape. The new name should reflect a positioning of “Ideas without Borders”. But a new positioning is of course not the main reason. The real reason – as Elliott confided to Adformatie – was that his office was not really sharing any business with the New York office. But the New York office gets to keep the name, as well as the offices in Sao Paolo (Brasil) and Mumbai (India). But Elliott is optimistic about the future. Size doesn’t matter he said, quoting Deng Xiaoping: “It doesn’t matter if it’s a black or a white cat, it’s good cat as long as it catches mice”. True, but we will miss the beautiful name Strawberry Frog anyway.