To give its sponsor dominance during the Beijing Olympics some more leverage, Nike opened pop-up stores in eight European cities where the Olympics were held in the past. Among them Amsterdam, London and Paris. The Amsterdam pop-up store is called 1928 – after the year of the Amsterdam Olympics – and is strategically positioned in the creative Westergasfabriek area. The store opened on the first day of the Olympics (08-08-08) and will be there for 60 days. Its spacious interior contains a small museum, displaying the newest high tech gear developed for the Olympic sportsmen (see also Nike Lab). Together with that it displays (and sells) Nike sportswear, the latest ‘lifestyle’ clothing line. Except for its heritage, this new collection has little to do with sports anymore; the shirts and sneakers primarily give street credibility to teenagers, rappers and art directors. Nevertheless, cautiously balancing its brand between high performance sportswear and überhip streetwear, Nike seems stronger and more popular than ever.