72andsunny hired Matt Jarvis as managing director and CSO. Before, Jarvis worked at Deutsch in LA. At that time both AdAge and Adweek adwarded Deutsch as agency of the year. In his new job Jarvis will also be leading 72andsunny LA. The management expansion was necessary after the agency won both Nike+ in Europe and 2K Sports. For Nike+ the agency created this commercial. Funny to see that while the character is somewhat irritating in the beginning, it slowly grows on you. A style that is surprisingly playful for Nike standards. Especially when you compare it to the commercial W+K Amsterdam created earlier for Nike+ (with the voice-over of Edward Norton). Strategically understandable this change; with Nike+ everybody can be a winner. It wouldn’t surprise us though, if this style is only temporary. After all, research after research shows that consumers prefer to look at winners, instead of real life, dorky characters.