DDB Amsterdam was the most successful Dutch agency at the Eurobest Awards in Stockholm this year. With two grand prix (and one bronze) the agency was also third in the Agency of the Year competition. DDB received one of the prestigious awards for its Volkswagen product recall – see picture. Interesting detail about this ad is that it took DDB three years to finally get permission to run it – Volkswagen was allergic for the word ‘recall’. The other grand prix was awarded for a Centraal Beheer Insurances ad on the back of a city bus (“Just call us”). DDB and Centraal Beheer are practically married; since the 80’s DDB has made almost 50 humorous commercials with the pay-off ‘Just call us’ – meaning: whatever goes wrong, we’ll insure it without a hassle. Although we are of the opinion that the format is somewhat worn-out, the most recent UFO commercial is definitely a fine piece of work and won a Silver Epica this year.