This creative piece of eye candy really spoiled our senses. It was made byCultural Oil (and directed by 60Layersofcake) for NBC Universal to promote the new Dutch digital TV channel 13th STREET – and its edgy TV series. Here’s another one – they made 5 in total. Interesting about this project is that Cultural Oil scouted the creator of the films, Dutch student Koos Dekker, through YouTube – this long tale channel is infested with (kinetic) typography films. Nathalie Brähler, creative director at Cultural Oil, told us that she likes to work with students, because they know exactly what’s state of the art in the world of multi-media and thus help the agency to constantly innovate. The project not only proves that the internet democratically empowers everyone to be discovered, it also shows that small, flexible, collaborating agencies have lots of creative potential.