Imagine you’re hiking around Loch Ness in Schotland and all of a sudden the legendary monster appears. Wow, you could be the very first person to get Nessie on ‘tape’ and sell the footage to the media! Luckily you already have your camera at hand, ready to use! Too bad though, if you put your camera off, instead of on. But of course there’s Centraal Beheer, the Dutch insurance company. The message: whatever happens, just call them. Made by DDB. Very smart and funny idea and also nicely executed (like most of the other 50 commercials that were made in the past 20 years for Centraal Beheer). Still, we always wonder if you can insure yourself for this kind of misfortune. Would they compensate you for the thousands of Euros you missed out on, because you’re clumsy with your camcorder? We know, it’s advertising and that it will give the brand a higher (top of mind) awareness. But to us it comes across as free entertainment for the people. And you would think there are more effective ways to spend your advertising Euros.