Achtung! won both the jury’s and the people’s Webby with its  banners for Volkswagen. The banners are interactive lay-overs that promote different Volkswagen innovations. One of the banners shows a guy parking his car in between two news items. After first bumping into them, the park assist helps him to park properly. The lay-over – most often utterly annoying – could of course be clicked away, but was so tempting that the click-through-ratio was quite impressive. Check the microsite here.

Tom Tom online manual
Black Magic Marker won a jury Webby in the Consumer Electronics category. The agency built an online manual, called TomTomSecrets that helps you to learn more about the Tom Tom functionalities that are often not being used. A very smart and at the same time fun concept that could very well be used for any electronic device with a user interaface! In fact, even intuitive manuals can be left out, if producers of consumer electronics start to realize that with intuitive navigation we don’t have swear at our gadgets anymore. And that’s no rocket science when you realize how profoundly most Apple users love their products – and the brand…

Update: We forgot to mention – shame on us – that BMM also won a Honoree for an online museum about the first five days of World War II in the Netherlands. In this museum one can listen to the old radio broadcastings, read the newspapers, listen to eyewitness stories and even see planes fly over in a 3D environment.