This viral for X-Travel made by YoungWorks, won a bronze Esprix award yesterday. A viral that truly deserves its name; it has generated 2.7 million hits until now. The Esprix awards are about smart and effective advertising that activates the consumer. 23 cases were awarded; 8 won silver and 15 bronze – no gold. Just like at the ADCN awards, TBWA\Neboko walked away with the most prizes; 2 silver and 1 bronze award. Followed by Doom&Dickson (1s.,1b.) and Lemz (the interactive agency of the year won 3 times bronze). In our humble opinion, the best concept was created by Selmore for van Gils. The Amsterdam agency created a new icon for Van Gils, a white window dummy that physically proved its tagline; ‘it’s all about the suit’. The dummy showed up with hot celebs at many international paparazzi events and thus naturally generated tons of free publicity. Talking about smart advertising!