Beginning of this year Nothing introduced ‘Nothing ventured’, a brand offering full business concepts – instead of just advertising. The entrepreneurial brand’s first fruits are the introduction of a new sport; FootGolf. As the name suggests, it combines football (= soccer) and golf. Our first reaction: jezus, why haven’t we thought of that before?! It should have quick growing potential, since (retired) football players love the game of golf. In fact, it was Willem Korsten (partner Bas Korsten’s brother), an ex professional football player, who is the driving force behind this new game. Things have been taken seriously, since there’s already an International FootGolf Association – based in Geneva. Requests from other countries to adopt the game have already been submitted. And in September the first Dutch Open will be held, broadcasted by RTL7. Looks like FootGolf will become more successful than DiscGolf – a sport Lipton tried to introduce in the Netherlands in 2006.