Agency of the year 2007, S-W-H, changed its name into Indie. Makes sense; we never really understood why so many agencies in an industry that calls itself ‘creative’, weren’t able to come up with a better name than simply the first letters of the founders. But there’s more to it, of course. Lode Schaeffer (the S) is the only founding partner still on board. And after several unsatisfactory talks with different agencies (among them Taxi) about being taken over, current partners Lode Schaeffer and Mark Aink realized that staying independent is more important for them than an early retirement in the south of France. Et voila, a new brand was born. Tim O’Kennedy (ex MD W+K) helped the agency shape its new positioning and The Stone Twins created the new brand identiy. That’s typically S-W-H (or Indie from now on); the agency likes to involve ‘outside’ expertise with a different background to keep it fresh and far away from its comfort zone. Actually, that’s more or less the definition of creativity; bringing together different ideas and merge them into new ones. Good luck, guys!