Dawn won a golden Effie last Wednesday for its introduction campaign for Maandag© (Monday), an interim recruiter that only hires people that love Mondays – instead of dreading them. And since the Effie stands for effectiveness, this should make the client very content. In the end, he didn’t ask for creative mambo jambo, he just wanted to sell more cars…toothpaste…or let’s say interim candidates. But obviously it’s not that simple, a perfect case also needs creativity to distinguish itself. And that’s what this case embodies; both strategy and creativity. It began with a strong insight; one that is simple, but explains the subtleties of the market and its players instantly. Dawn came up with a name that reflects the ambition of the client and – more specifically – its candidates. And to stand out in the grey clutter, it made this pleasant film about someone that enjoys going to work. And although Effie cases are often about writing skills and manipulated research results, we can imagine why this case was awarded. There’s also a second film; less serious, but with the same message. See you on Monday.