The cyber lions are of course the most important Lions at the moment; they can predict the leading agencies of the next decade. Three Cyberlions yesterday for Amsterdam; silver for Tribal DDB with a cinematic widescreen (21:9) experience for Philips; Skipintro won silver for ‘For the love of god’; and bronze went to 2009 with its sun radar for Wieckse Witte. In our opinion the Tribal DDB lion should be mainly attributed to the execution. The idea is not new and comes from the gaming industry (we believe Halo was the first game to combine 3D with a timeline), but the execution is so impressive that it deserves lots of ‘kudos’ anyway. The sun radar for Wieckse Witte (a blond beer brand), showing in real time on which terraces in the Netherlands the sun is out, was maybe more original, but lacked execution. And the website ‘For the love of god’ for the Rijksmuseum was our favourite. While the Rijksmuseum decided to exhibit Damien Hirst’s famous diamont skull, the object was heavily polarizing the art scene; was it art or simply a very expensive object? This gave Skipintro the idea to record the opinions of the visitors of the Rijksmuseum and give them a voice on the dedicated website. Though the idea was both original and well executed, a silver Cyber Lion seems to be a fair deal.