When it rains, it pours; we are writing yet again about brand new Grand Prix winner Tribal DDB. This week they launched another campaign for Philips, called Philips Versus. Through a dedicated website, Twitter and Flickr, the Dutch consumer electronics brand tries to reel in UGC. More specifically, they are asking its ‘user’ to pit Philips against an unusual competitor. The example of the rooster being woken up by a Philips wake-up light – instead of the sun – should explain what is expected. Quite a complicated task (the golden rule of UGC; never overestimate the creativity of your consumer). Messages are sent in like: “A Philishave that tells you when your chin is bald”. That’s just a product functionality, really – not a very good one, for that matter. But the good thing about this campaign is that Tribal DDB chose Twitter as the preferred medium. A medium that is being used by an innovative and techy crowd. And also a medium to learn from; will the instant character of Twitter make the campaign spread faster than, let’s say, the average ‘send a friend button’? Probably yes.