Some people worship their Nike Air Max as if they are religious objects. The first model, the Air Max 1 (1987), has even reached Dalai-Lamastic status. That’s how Nike and Italian agency Sartoria came up with the idea to ask Amsterdam trendwatcher and blogger Nalden to go on a journey in search of people that still remember how they experienced their first Air Max. On a dedicated Vimeo channel and a Nike Sportswear website, you can watch the ‘IAMI Journey’. We do like the fact that Nike ventures into new forms of advertising and we especially like the tilt-shift, stop-motion videos that make Amsterdam look like a miniature city. However, it’s a pity that the content is somewhat mediocre and doesn’t feel authentic (all Nalden’s friends in the first video wear brand new Air Max). Maybe a serious documentary, based on solid research, about the history of the Air Max 1 would have made better content. But then again, maybe we’re not streetwise enough to fully understand how ‘dope’ this campaign is.