We are very much starting to like internet provider Ziggo! After several surreal commercials – made by DDB Amsterdam – here’s yet another great ad. It features an Indian, called Howling Wolf, a woman on an Egyptian camel and some ‘naughty’ girls (read: ‘porn stars’) getting the fast download-train. A great metaphor, using living images to get this message across. Apparently though, a concept quite easily conceived, since Amsterdam agency THEY used the exact same metaphor last month. It’s interesting to see how both agencies executed the same idea in two different ways. It also tells you a lot about the Dutch internet market. As you can see, the main goal of these cable providers is to give ADSL a bad name. A tough fight for ADSL, since cable is faster (according to UPC up to 120Mb!) and since the Netherlands has one of the highest cable-densities in the world. What’s more, most consumers prefer to have one single provider for both TV and internet. And cable providers already offer landline calls (within the Netherlands) for free – a service many ADSL-providers still have to live on. So the question is not, do you prefer cable or ADSL? The question is, which ad did the best job in persuading you to choose cable?