This web commercial, with Veronica Campell-Brown, was made by RIOT – the digital arm of 180 Amsterdam. The campaign is called Super 7 – after the invincible cartoon heroes – and made for Adidas Running. It features 7 different track and field athletes and their individual ‘super human’ qualities and personalities. The athletes are Tyson Gay, Jeremy Wariner, Blaka Vlasic, Haile Gebrelassie, Christien Ohuruogu, Allyson Felix, Veronica Campell-Brown. Here’s a film with the complete group. The films are typical for Adidas; showing athletes that look very serious and not so serious at the same time. Adidas wants to tell us that although these 7 athletes have the super hero status, they are human after all. It thus smartly combines aspiration with accessibility. Interesting about this campaign is that it looks very much like a TV commercial (because of the production value), while it’s made for internet only. A few years ago, it would have been considered a waste of (production) money not showing it on TV and thus not gaining maximum exposure. But today advertisers realize that you actually save (literally!) tons of money by excluding TV as a medium. And for some people that must be a worrying thought.