With the Amsterdam Ad Blog team we went to Lowlands this weekend for inspiration (the festival is infested with sponsors) and fun. Main sponsors Grolsch and Coca Cola did a good job in activating their brands. Especially Grolsch with its ‘Koelservice’ came in handy. The camping crowd could exchange cans of lukewarm (or at Lowlands: warm) beer for cold ones. On the first day of the festival 11.000 cans were traded in – in total the three day festival counted 55.000 visitors. The service is created by DDB Amsterdam and offered at some of the big summer festivals this year. Interesting is that the Koelservice also allows you to trade in your other A-brand cans – though not at Lowlands. We were wondering if in the long term it wouldn’t be smarter to only take in Grolsch. At some point the consumer might anticipate on this by buying Grolsch in the supermarket. Anyway, the activation was preceded by a TV commercial in June and some other activational stuff. It’s striking how much money Grolsch all of a sudden is pumping in the cold beer proposition. As if the brand woke up from a lengthy hibernation and all of a sudden realized, cold beer tastes better, we have to claim this position! Heineken might get a little nervous; the brand has been claiming the cool beer proposition already for years now, with Heineken fridges in Albert Heijn supermarkets, ‘Heineken Extra Cold’ (served at 0° Celsius) in bars and recently by hyping the walk-in fridge.

The other dominant sponsor at Lowlands was Coca Cola, offering Emergency Refreshment (E.R.) with water pistols and massages by sexy nurses (male and female). The nurses also gave away (fake) tattoos with the activation logo (the code of arms with bottle and snake), which to our surprise was a big succes. It resulted in thousands of visitors promoting coca cola on their bare bodies. All in all, Grolsch and Coca Cola can be satisfied. Though they owe the weather gods big time!