A few weeks ago we wrote about Nalden that went on an Air Max 1 journey for Nike. Here’s yet another campaign with Nike playing the leading role. The dedicated website is initiated by Foot Locker and made by AKQA Amsterdam/London. Just as in the Air Max 1 journey, you see quasi-nonchalant video’s with hipsters wearing brand new Nike Air Max and being really cool. We’re getting the impression that Air Max is getting a little overexposed here. And it wouldn’t surprise us if that will shorten its ‘hipness-lifecycle’. Anyway, the consumer can download the different video’s and mix them, just as one of the ‘freaks’ (as Foot Locker calls them) is doing with his Nike’s. Actually, we really like that guy customizing his Nike’s! Why not make a complete campaign out of that?! Design your own Nike’s and if you win, your design will get taken into production! How’s that for user generated content!

Update: October 6th, 2009: Today we were told that it was 72andSunny who worked with Nike and Foot Locker on the campaign strategy and produced the films – “Revolution of You”. AKQA’s role was to bring it to life online with the “mash it up” competition.