This cloying sweet commercial was made by 72andSunny for Bugaboo, the Dutch stroller brand, to promote its partnership with RED, which implicates that it will contribute 1% of its revenues to support AIDS programs in Africa. Apart from donating money, Bugaboo also designed a special RED-collection – available in different colors. The theme of the commercial is ‘Go and good things happen’. As said, a little too sweet to our taste – especially that song ‘Made up love song number 43’ by Guillemots! But since we’re not pregnant and saturated with hormones that make us extremely sensitive for the vulnerable on this earth, we shouldn’t judge the saccharine level of the commercial. In fact, 72andSunny has used the exact right tone of voice. And by hitting the sweet spot Bugaboo will surely sell a lot more strollers. That’s very smart marketing.