It is not always easy to sell snowboard  related products. The advertising needs to have a well balanced campy-hip-casual undertone – otherwise the picky crowd doesn’t ‘buy’ it. With this guide to Rudeville – a guide that should draw attention to the well equipped snowboard chalets, called rudechalets™ – KK Outlet (KesselsKramer’s London annex) did quite a good job. First we took it for a hoax – which is a good sign – but the chalets actually do exist and are located around Chamonix, France. They are facilitated with “Xbox 360s in every room as standard, bubbling Jacuzzis and a Burton on-site test centre”. What else do you want? The guide is larded with well written bullshit. For example, it introduces a fictional character who runs the bar ‘Chez Roger’: “Some foolish types believe the bar is named after Roger, but he in fact changed his name to Roger when he bought the bar in 1989. (…) Rumour has it he has a tattoo of his face on his face and won his snowboarding-dog Paul in a bare-knuckle fight with Brian May”. We rest our case.