‘Your vagina is vulnerable’ is a good way to grab everyone’s attention, right from the start! The commercial continues: “In your life you wear 4790 strings, use 69723 meters of toilet paper and 130 liters of shaving foam, you produce 1700 liters of sweat, have sex 3760 times and your period 2920 times”. En it ends with “Lactacyd helps to protect the natural balance of your vagina”. Although it only makes sense to use the ‘v’ word when you’re advertising ‘feminine intimate care’ products, there are not many FMCG manufacturers that would dare to do so. So our compliments go to GSK for being direct and speaking a language we understand. And even more compliments go to Grey Amsterdam for the stylish execution – it even makes the Lactacyd bottle look old fashioned. Interesting detail: beginning of this year Grey made a similar ad for Lactacyd with the ‘subtle’ difference that the commercial was filmed from within the vagina! GSK had it recalled, because some consumers complained about it at the Advertising Standards Authority.