Through this commercial Volkswagen introduces the Blue Motion Technologies (BMT) in the Netherlands. The pay-off ‘Easy on the engine, Easy on fuel’ clearly communicates that this new technology saves energy. We’re no car experts, but to us BMT sounds a bit like a marketing invention, rather than an innovation that will prevent the north pole from melting. However, we think DDB did a great job in explaining it in a simple way. In fact, the metaphor of the bicycle, the clean visual identity and the distinctive execution fit very well with VW and even make BMT look sexy! DDB creatives Dylan the Backer and Joris Kuijpers asked Paul Postma and Yani to direct the commercial – the DDB team earlier told Adformatie they were inspired by the leader the creatives made for the TV program 12 murders. We hope the commercial will persuade many consumers to buy an environmental friendly car. Or better even, to ride their bicycle more often.