Wow, you must be pretty desperate to show an ad like this. We like it, cause it makes us philosophical. How effective is this? Would the potential advertiser think; ‘I was planning not to do outdoor anymore, but just because I have to look at this unattractive body every day in traffic, I am going to rent it for the rest of the year – just to make sure it won’t come back. And what if the decision maker is a woman? That depends on what she’s used to, of course. Maybe she’ll ask Interbest to put the text somewhere else, just so she can imagine it’s a Calvin Klein ad. Ummm. No, that’s not very realistic either. The most likely scenario is that the passer-by will simply chuckle, unconsciously thank Interbest for the free entertainment, simultaneously feel sorry for them and maybe even decide there and then to allocate a bigger part of the advertising budget to online… Anyway, it was made by Y&R Not just film – as you can see apart from film the agency also does outdoor.