We love animation. Especially because it makes so much more possible than traditional film. This commercial is a combination of real stage design and animation – how skillfully made! It tells the story of Achmea – a Dutch healthcare insurer. 200 years ago some farmers decided to work together and share the risks – what a great bolt of lightning! It was these kind of cooperations that led to the foundation of Achmea. According to the narration a lot has changed over the years, but Achmea’s principles have stayed the same. Then the animation changes into a new area; Achmea wants to ‘unworry’ society with initiatives that no one expects from an insurer and that make the working environment safer. And also, providing better food for school children. However big a ‘probleem’ is, it becomes smaller when you tackle it together. If we had to place one critical note; no real choices were made. The ad contains more information than the average consumer can handle and the myriad of styles doesn’t convey one single visual identity. But maybe that’s just us being anal. It’s a wonderful ad altogether. Created by DDB Amsterdam and directed by Raphaël Bartels.