Amsterdam based 60 Layers of Cake opened a new franchise in Capetown this week. At the same time Blender 57 was founded by Colin Lyon. Both brands challenge the traditional agency structure and work with a collaborative model; for every creative job the right team of specialists is compiled. 60 Layers of Cake was founded in 2006 by Rodger Beekman. It already has offices New York, London, Tokyo and Istanbul. 60 Layers Capetown will be lead by Ben Wren and Michael van den Heerik – both formerly The Jupiter Drawing Room. Colin Lyon’s Blender 57 calls its model ‘fit-for-purpose expertise’. Among other entities, the agency will partner with One Big Agency (founded by Erik Wünsch and Peggy Stein), Tina Grace Research (product innovation) and Freedom of Creation (3D design). Blender 57 will focus on ‘go-to-market solutions’, which sounds a little vague. But when you think of it, the creative hub will be able to make any product a client asks for. If these kind of agencies will be able to successfully incorporate the social network trend into their business model, the creative industry will enter a whole new exciting era.