These three different styled websites all try to sell the same ‘lots-of-cash-in-no-time’ job. At the employment agencies ‘BigBigBucks’, ‘SnellePegels’ and ‘Vlugge Flappen’, students are persuaded to subscribe for the most easy job in the world; it makes on average € 250 for half an hour work! They only need a little work experience (a simple student job is enough), they can work at home, and start today! When you click through the website, you enter the website of the Belastingdienst (National Tax Collector). Though the Netherlands is one of the countries with the highest taxes in the world, students often receive money back. The only thing they need to do is fill out an online tax return form. The Belastingdienst must have thought; once they’re in the system… The campaign, hyped through banners and radio, was created by UbachsWisbrun/JWT. Of course it’s not the most difficult thing to sell a product that virtually gives away money, but if you consider the target, the look and feel and tone of voice are spot on.