This teaser features snippets of the five short films that are part of the new Philips ad campaign, Parallel Lines, selling Philips’ 21:9 home cinema television – or rather its credibility as an innovative television manufacturer. The campaign is built around the idea that ‘There are millions of ways to tell a story. There’s only one way to watch one’. Five different films were made, all using the same copy, but telling a completely different story. Philips’ ad agency Tribal DDB asked production company Ridley Scott Associates to come up with the different scripts – between 2 and 3 minutes each. The briefing was very open; the most important restriction was the copy that was already there; “It’s a unicorn. I’ve never seen one up close before. Beautiful. Get away. I’m Sorry”. Out of a huge pile of different scripts featuring a unicorn in one way or another, Philips and Tribal DDB chose five scripts that were each able to optimally show the qualities of a Philips television in a different way. Director’s Jack Scott (son of Ridley), Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Greg Fay and Hi-Sim were elected. Though it was not easy to outshine Philips’ previous cinematic ad, Carousel (showered with international awards), we think the result is stunning. Not only because it produced more or less five times as much content, but more so because there’s an actual concept behind it. Carousel – however beautifully made – ‘simply’ showed the qualities of a Philips home cinema TV with ambilight. Parallel Lines, instead, is based on a tagline with a meaning and mileage, and even allows Philips to crowdsource the sixth script. On a dedicated YouTube channel Philips asks ambitious film makers to upload their own interpretation of the story about a unicorn. By doing so the campaign will activate a set of highly motivated and credible Philips ambassadors that will probably give the campaign more momentum than its predecessor. The only question left for us is, will Philips be able to win a second Cannes Grand Prix in a row.