The Giro d’Italia – let’s say, the Italian Tour de France – is coming to Amsterdam from the 8th till the 10th of May. That’s what this poster, made by Rich for ‘I Amsterdam’ is telling us. The JC Decaux outdoor furniture is made pink for the occasion, because that’s the colour of the theme ‘Giromania!’. We’re not sure why they chose pink. Maybe because Amsterdam is gay capital of Europe. Or maybe because professional cyclists shave their legs. In any case, to be honest, we’re not really that excited about it. The reason is that we always doubt whether these kind of events make more money than they cost. Besides, it will turn Amsterdam into a big mess. And we have enough of that already; the never ending Amsterdam metro drama and the restoration of the Rijksmuseum – they would have been better off rebuilding the whole thing. The only mess we like in Amsterdam is Queen’s day – on the 30th of April. And speaking of sports events that will cost a lot of money and make a mess of the city; we strongly hope that Amsterdam won’t win the Olympic Games in 2028 – sorry, just had to get this off our chest.