Last weekend this larger than life outdoor ad – excuse us for the poor quality of the recording – was projected on the Beurs van Berlage, a historic building in the centre of Amsterdam, to promote Samsung’s new 3D LED TV. After the screening, the audience could experience 3D on a real ‘miniature’ Samsung TV. The event was spread online, through YouTube, Foursquare and Twitter (#Samsung3Devent). When logged in on Foursquare during the event, you could win a 3D TV. And on June 1st the projection will be part of a YouTube take-over. The ad, created by Muse and media agency Starcom (part of Publicis), made us eager to experience 3D TV at home. But as the pay-off “Turn on tomorrow” already suggests, we might have to wait a while, since it will take a long time before your average sitcom will be broadcasted in 3D. Just as it will take a fair amount of time before we can fully enjoy Philips’ intensively advertised 21:9 standard. And though we never watch sitcoms and know that movies are a lot quicker to adopt these standards, we don’t want to pay the premium prices for this ‘TV of the future’ – being an innovator is quite an expensive hobby. But that doesn’t matter, really, cause we love the ad and from now on will remember Samsung as an innovative brand.