This commercial by Amsterdam agency N=5 for LOI – a commercial education institute – was awarded a Dutch ‘SAN Accent’ last week. The SAN Awards is the only award festival organized by advertisers. With the pay-off “Holland gets smarter and smarter”, the commercial tells the story of a family visiting an Italian restaurant. The waiters are talking not very respectfully (in Italian) about the ‘blond’ daughter, her mother and the ‘ugly’ dad. Then the dad says in fluent Italian ‘Hey, pasta face, if you’re finished talking with your girlfriends, can you please give us some of your time?’ Three other N=5 campaigns were also awarded, but the most important award for N=5 was ‘Agency of the year’. An understandable choice. The agency is known for keeping a strong balance between esthetic and strategic advertising – though in the past years they’ve somewhat neglected this unique positioning. (the Dutch Amazon) was elected advertiser of the year. Its catchy campaigns, created by Etcetera, all communicate the message ‘Another reason to buy at’. Albert Heijn – the biggest supermarket chain in the Netherlands – was awarded the ‘Consitency award’ – the smartly integrated and very succesful campaigns are created by TBWA. Among all the winners, our favourite campaign was created by Brand New Telly for LG. The LG Renoir, the first mobile phone with a 8 megapixel camera, was hyped by shooting the entire campaign with the camera itself. The agency asked renowned photographer Carli Hermès to follow and photograph world famous DJ Armin van Buuren during a 24 hour long stay in Jakarta. The beautiful black and white pictures were used in print, for Van Buuren’s new album cover and for an exclusive photo book for LG dealers. Some short films of the project were spread online. With this truly original approach the LG Renoir became both the medium and the message.