“You always need more than you expect” is what this builder tells his colleague when the cement flows away in the mouse’s – beautifully filmed – shelter. It is followed by the pay-off ‘Just call Apeldoorn’. Insurer Centraal Beheer (CB) – based in Apeldoorn – and agency DDB Amsterdam probably have the longest relationship in Dutch ad history. Since 1985 DDB creates humorous small stories – with the exact same pay-off that illustrates how well you are insured at CB. The only thing we always ask ourselves, when seeing these films, is whether CB will pay up when the shit does hit the fan. Don’t insurers always try to tell you that this particular situation is one of the exceptions referred to in Appendix X,Y and Z of the general conditions? Maybe not CB. Anyway, the film is quite entertaining. Especially because of the the Walt Disneyesque cinematographic quality of the cement-mouse chase. It was directed by Jeroen Annokkeé (CZAR).