We quite like this teaser that smoothly combines film and animation to announce a very ‘hip’ party in London. Throughout May and June the Volvo Subject60 launch party will be touring the top 5 European cities – Berlin, London, Paris, Milan and Madrid – to promote the new “naughty” Volvo S60. These parties top off the Subject60 code search campaign; 20 cubes – giving access to the parties – were hidden in the different cities. And readers of the most influential fashion/design/music blogs were hinted about their locations on a map. Through augmented reality app Layar the exact cube locations could be unlocked. As far as we know it’s the first time that Volvo directs its brand so clearly into the direction of ‘hipness’. That sounds like a bit of a stretch. We don’t know about the rest of Europe, but in the Netherlands the sound car brand is primarily driven by doctors, accountants and other reliable folk. So here the positioning might be pushing it one bridge too far. Anyway, the campaign was created by EuroRSCG 4D – Volvo’s digital agency that already for a long time quite successfully runs Volvo’s international online account.