World Cup: Bavaria’s Dutch Dress babes arrested in South Africa
It almost sounds like a hoax, but through the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, we learned that a group of girls showing off their Bavaria Dutch Dress (created by Selmore) were arrested from their hotel in Johannesburg last night. Since Budweiser is the exclusive WC sponsor, no other beer brands are allowed in the stadium. The girls (getting paid by Bavaria) were disguised as Danish supporters when entering the stadium to see Holland-Denmark play. Once they were in, they revealed their sexy dresses and started to draw attention from the crowd. Ambush marketing in its purest form! And ironically, thanks to the arrest this news will travel the world!

New: design agency Ground Floor opens doors
Ground Floor, a sister agency of VBAT – one of the better design agencies in the Netherlands – recently opened its doors. The new agency, managed by Herman Verhoeff, will be specialized in design implementation. And with a unique proposition it wants to cater a market that needs quicker and cheaper design solutions. Their mantra is “faster, better and cheaper”. We’ve always learned that 99% of the service agencies can only do two out of three; quality and cheap (but not fast), quality and fast (but not cheap) or cheap and fast (but no quality). In any case, the message is clear.

Cannes: MassiveMusic celebrates 10th aniversary in Cannes
MassiveMusic is throwing its 10th anniversary party in Cannes this year. In this relatively short period Massive has grown impressively. In 2005 it opened offices in NYC, in 2008 in LA, and last year in Shanghai. And the cherry on top of its birthday, as Hans Brouwer put it, is that the agency got elected to create the music for the epic Nike campaign ‘Write the future’ last month.

New York Festivals: UbachsWisbrun/JWT takes home 6 awards
UbachsWisbrun/JWT won 6 awards at the NY Festivals last week; 4 for ‘MINI Christmas Box’ and 2 for ‘Kit Kat Jesus’. EuroRSCG4D (what a name!) and Kong won 2 each for Volvo and Stanislav respectively. Achtung! and FHV BBDO won 1 each for Public Polo and 8mm Bush, respectively. We really like the MINI Christmas Box, but we’ve seen it used before as a Heineken walk-in fridge box. We’re not sure who was first though. Anyone? Check the entire list of Dutch winners here.