Johan Kramer’s new website, Hello I am Johan Kramer, is one of the funniest ‘under construction’ websites we’ve ever seen. Instead of simply saying ‘under construction’, Johan Kramer’s uncle Bob starts by saying “Hello my name is NOT Johan Kramer”. He explains why there isn’t a website. First uncle Bob hired a Swede, than an Ukrainian web agency, and now an innovative agency from Letland. Johan still doesn’t have a site, nor sound. But fortunately there are subtitles, so you can follow the whole story. His monologue is fairly long for saying ‘under construction’, but easily engaging enough to sit it all out. We’re not sure whether the site is really under construction, but that doesn’t matter cause it will create buzz anyway. And that is something Kramer can use, cause he just released a new film, called Johan Primero. It’s based on a true story about a guy who drives his Citroën 2CV 50 times around FC Barcelona’s football stadium, Camp Nou, every single day. He believes it brings his team good luck. Kramer is the founder of the world famous agency KesselsKramer. He left the agency 5 years ago to become a full time film director. But he clearly hasn’t lost his feeling for advertising yet.