The Nivea Sun app – created by Muse and app builder Ice Mobile – provides the consumer with up to date news about UV radiation. The app combines your GPS location, time of day and skin type, to tell you how long you can stay in the sun with a certain type of SPF. In fact, it will give you a notification when you have to get out of the sun. Though we would expect this kind of brand utility to be created specifically for the Australian market – where 1 out of every 3 persons is diagnosed with skin cancer at some point – it’s a pretty smart way to become the expert in ‘protection’. The only problem might be that it’s a little too innovative for Nivea Sun’s core ‘utility’ target – mother’s with young children? We also have to mention that it made us immediately think of SSSS&Orchestra’s Sun Radar – a brand utility that tells you which ‘Wieckse Witte’-serving terraces are sunny. But advertising is an incestueus industry anyway, so let us praise Nivea for not choosing the obvious road and understanding the added value of a brand utility.