Since the summer seems to have disappeared definitely, let us look forward to the most interesting conference on cross media and innovation of the year; PICNIC – held from 22 till 24 September in Amsterdam. Today we’re a bit busy, so we’ve taken the liberty to copy the ‘about’ section of PICNIC’s website: “In 2006, Bas Verhart (founder of Media Republic) joined forces with Marleen Stikker (founder and CEO of Waag Society) to develop a new platform for creativity and innovation in Amsterdam. They wanted to bring together the world’s top creative and business professionals to develop new partnerships and opportunities. Supported by their network of friends, collaborators and admirers, including former Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen, PICNIC was born”. We’ve visited PICNIC every year so far, since it has never failed to inspire us. You could say that at PICNIC you see the future. The artwork was created by Marcel Kampman.