We just love this nonchalant, but deliberate boob slip on the homepage of Suit Supply. The photo is part of the ‘Shameless’ winter collection campaign, also displayed in print and outdoor. The photos are so sexy that they make us want to run to Suit Supply to buy ourselves a suit – we don’t really know where to wear it to, but we’ll find an occasion. We’ve always been a big fan of Suit Supply, one of the best marketed brands in the Netherlands. Its business model works like clockwork and the advertising always masters the art of persuasion. Though persuasive advertising is quite normal for a fashion brand, Suit Supply always knows how to combine its razor sharp, colour saturated photography by Carli Hermès, with a not so serious tone. And it’s this style that makes the brand so attractive for men who are looking for something fashionable, but don’t like the high prices and snobbishness of the PC Hooftstraat. Some more shamelessness here, here, and here.