Awesomeness, this new Philips campaign. Tribal DDB Amsterdam went to Longyearbyen, one of the most northerly towns in the Arctic, – where in the winter the sun doesn’t rise – to demonstrate the benefits of the Philips Wake-up light. Though one of our editors immediately called out “Tropicana, BBDO Toronto” (winning a Lion in Cannes this year) we think Tribal did a very nice job here. Last year Tribal woke up a rooster with the wake-up light, but you can imagine that testing this product on real people comes across way more credible. Especially when you make a documentary out of it. And even more so, if you let Dough Pray – who also did Art & Copy – direct it. On a dedicated website you can follow the inhabitants of Longyearbyen and see how they react on Philips’ Wake-up light. We don’t know when the documentary will be released, but having seen the trailer we are sure it will be a qualitative piece of advertising.