These outdoor posters were created by Dawn for Triodos Bank. The first two posters say ‘Use your head’ and ‘Follow your heart’. At night – when the lights in the JC Decaux outdoor furniture are on – both posters change into the third poster. Dawn worked with Christian Borstlap, who recently won a Dutch Design Award for the Dutch ‘Children stamps’ he created (here’s the commercial that came with it). We like these posters. They clearly stand out – both in tone and look – in a landscape of banks that all of sudden (not very credibly) en masse listen to their clients and offer ‘revolutionary’ consumer friendly products. Still it feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. Triodos Bank is the only bank that can honestly claim not being greedy. And while the sober style matches with this insight, the message feels kind of empty. We usally use our head and heart, but why should we bank with Triodos? We hope that in the rest of this campaign they’ll show a bit more of the aggressiveness all the other banks used to sell they’re lucrative products.

Update: Dawn told us kindly that “this is the introduction kick off for the people who’ve never heard of Triodos”. As from next Monday Dawn will explain us why we should all bank there. We look forward to it.