These guys are really relaxed about having sex. The first one says “I will only touch your breasts, if you think that’s o.k.” The second one is less explicit (except for his horny look), but also very respectful towards the girl; “I am ready for more, but you are in charge”. Welcome to Holland, the country where prostitutes and marihuana are legal and where teenaged men make sure the girls they are about to give an STD or a baby, are ready for it. The URL (be ‘deliciously’ clear about sex) persuades teenagers to check each other’s ‘sex manual’. To us this sounds like a teaser for a date-with-happy-end app, but since SOA-AIDS (‘STD-AIDS’) owns the campaign, that is probably not the case. What surprised us even more is that when you’re not between 12 and 32, you cannot access the site. That is, we understand it has to do with targeting, but the message you receive is beyond weird: “We don’t want 15 year old boys to encounter their mother’s manual”. Have they gone mad? We are pretty sure that the good old ‘Use a condom’ works better. Created by Woedend!