Who would have ever thought ‘Sinterklaas’ could pop up in London. Thanks to KK Outlet (KesselsKramers’ London office) he will. Sinterklaas is basically Santa Claus’ grandpa. The tradition originates from the 15th century when the poor could leave their shoe in church to collect alms. This event evolved into a shoe (or stocking in anglo-saxon countries) underneath the chimney and a bishop-like figure visiting the Netherlands at the end of November by steamboat accompanied by a white horse and an army of black Piets. On the 5th of December children get their presents and on the 6th he’s gone. Together with Sinterklaas, KK Outlet also invited HEMA – according to KK something like a cross-over between Ikea, Woolworths, and Muji. The beloved HEMA is also part of a strong Dutch tradition, so that’s probably why KK Outlet combined the two; Sinterklaas will pay the outlet a visit on December 2nd and the ‘gallery’ will be selling ‘chocolate letters’ and other typical Sinterklaas related products from HEMA. Let us say, an ‘interesting’ joint promotion.