In September we wrote about the ‘Shameless’ Suit Supply campaign that we love so much. But unfortunately – or fortunately, if you will – we are not the average Dutchmen. Many people were offended by the beautiful pictures by Carli Hermès and issued a complaint at the Reclame Code Commissie (Dutch Advertising Standards Authority). The complaints judged the posters tasteless and disrespectful towards women. Earlier the photos had to be removed from Facebook because they were ‘deemed offensive’. And in London’s Westfield shopping centre, the print ads also raised some prude eyebrows – but the British Standards Authority couldn’t do anything about it, because the ads were shown inside Suit Supply. On Monday the RCC ruled that the sexual innuendo’s are not crossing any borders of good taste, decency, or morality. The RCC also couldn’t see why the ads lack respect for women. How can you not agree; there’s no doubt whatsoever that the lady in this picture loves to show her underwear. In fact, it even seems to make her horny! Rrrrr…. We look forward to Suit Supply’s next campaign.

Sources: RCC, Adformatie, Z24