American Express – together with Cultuur-Ondernemen (‘Culture-Entrepreneurship’) – organized a design contest for the new ‘cards welcome’ sticker that shows which businesses accept Amex in Amsterdam – not very many we’ve always learned. The designs were to convey the essence of Amsterdam’s DNA. There were 86 entries, 31 nominees, and 5 winners. Last week the winners were announced at the Supperclub. The design pictured is the winning design of Thomas Clever and Gert Franke. They used the Andreas crosses from Amsterdam’s coat of arms in a pointillistic fashion. The second winner is Maja Bouwer, who combined Mondriaan with Amsterdam’s tolerance. The third winner is Sylvia Stølan, who was seemingly inspired by Van Gogh. And the fourth was Nina Zulian, who depicted Amsterdam’s canal houses in a fairly abstract style. Saliently 4 out of the 5 winners were born outside the Netherlands, which shows that apart from Mondriaan and Van Gogh, Amsterdam also raises non-Dutch ‘artists’. We guess it also proves that people feel easily at home here. Anyway, a nice example of consumer generated content – though the word ‘consumer’ doesn’t show quite enough respect for these guys.