Art Director Ewoudt Boonstra and Copywriter Zack McDonald, both working as a team at Sid Lee Amsterdam, created the website ‘Emtpy The Web’, which shouldn’t be visited when you easily get triggered into an epileptic attack – we are not kidding! Actually, even if you like to bounce at techno parties, the site might still give you a headache. It is even more ADHD than the previous site the creative team launched; ‘All the banners on the web’. What is similar about it though, is that it’s not selling us much more than creativity – in other words, they didn’t create it because some client told them to. The e-mail we received in our inbox explains: “The Internet is like a cup. 
And the cup is almost full. 
The web is growing at an alarming rate. 
It currently holds 5 trillion megabytes of data. 
Every minute, 35 hours of content is uploaded to Youtube.
 Every month, 2.5 billion photos are added to Facebook. 
As technologists continue to warn of an impending Data Explosion,
we felt we needed to do our part to raise awareness of this threat,
and save the world while we’re at it”. Fortunately Boonstra and McDonald didn’t actually show a cup (and two girls) to make their point, though this site is also quite difficult to watch.