This one is a classic – that is, we’ve seen it before in different settings. But still, it taps in nicely into that funny Dutch tradition of the grey bearded bishop, riding his white horse on the roof tops to have his helpers – the black Piets – throw presents through the chimneys. This weekend he’ll be extremely busy, since on the 5th of December it is Sinterklaasavond (Sinterklaas Eve). That is, officially, since most people will be celebrating his birthday tonight or tomorrow night. Anyway, this (MVA) ‘makelaar’ (real estate agent) confirms his image; he’s like a car salesman, making the impossible sell. After all, Sinterklaas only visits us two weeks a year – according to the tradition he hangs out in Spain the rest of the year. Why buy a house? Nevertheless, it will make a beautiful full page newspaper ad. Created by New Message.