A new agency opened its doors in Amsterdam. We first thought it was a hoax, since the name Femme X doesn’t really sound as if conceived by a creative – or at least a creative that didn’t try very hard. But if we may believe Adformatie – and we usually do – it isn’t hoax. Jennifer van Tuyl from Femme X explains: “Today women long for a more powerful and unisex approach. They want to be challenged and understood. They have their own money, are not feminist (or anti-men), fairly technical, and can sexually stand their ground”. We hate to be cynical about enthusiasts that found new agencies, but this all sounds a little cliché. We do believe that in general a female creative team knows better how to sell female products, but we strongly wonder whether you should build an agency around this insight. If we look at the agencies that tried the same thing in the past years, we have to conclude that they are either invisible or dead. Having said that, we hope they prove us wrong and wish them all the best!

Update (Dec. 16th): O.k., we were wrong, the other agencies are not invisible. Shortly after our post, on the back of Adformatie, agency ‘Nieuw’ (“female communication, with manly results”) communicated this message. It is a bit of a strange ad, for that matter; Nieuw asks potential clients to fill out a card to let Nieuw know they are looking for an agency, but at the same time the agency communicates it cannot handle more clients. Mmm.