We often wonder how long it will take before Google will bring us ‘Live Maps’. Hard to imagine, but at some point it’ll be there. Kong must have had the same thought when creating this ad for Cordaid. The online agency created a Streetview of Sudan, showing you a village where refugees live. At first it’s a normal streetview; you can scroll around, with your 360° view, and pass Justin Tambuz, 19 years old. She looks into the camera, not very happy. And then, all of a sudden, she starts to talk to you and tells you about her miserable conditions. “I was abducted by a rebel army and violently raped over a period of three months. I managed to escape and flee to Sudan. Now I’m in Makpandu refugee camp. We have little food and water and no bed to sleep in”. Wow, that’s heavy. Once she starts talking, there’s no escape. After all, you were curious enough to check out her refugee camp, so it feels a bit rude to click her away. And when, at the end, you are asked if you want to simply watch or take action – by paying only 10 Euros to help thousands of refugees in need – there’s not much that will stop you. Simple, impressive, and effective.