The compact team of SSSS & Orchestra – a name that always makes us trip between the third and fourth ‘S’ – thanks its clients with a very sympathetic Christmas present this year; a CD (read: compact disc) in black tie with the agency’s favourite Christmas classics. Since we don’t own any Christmas compilations and – more importantly – always appreciate a gift, we’ve already played the album quite a few times, reminding ourselves that it is Christmas soon. We have to admit that every now and then we skip a song, since the different music styles are as diverse as the people on the album cover. As you can imagine Bela Stamenkovits (glasses, showing his watch) and Ed Stibbe (grey hair, tilted bow tie) have a more – let’s say – mature taste with Otis Redding and Chris Rea, while the pretty girls prefer Beyonce, Lady GaGa, and Destiny’s Child. In the CD booklet the S’s and their orchestra explain what kind of Christmas mood belongs to their favourite songs, which gives the album an extra personal touch. Thanks, 4xS&O for getting us in the Christmas mood!