For all the MadMen still working today, longing for Christmas, and needing some distraction badly; here you go! We aim to serve. There’s so much to say about these ads. And then again, there’s so much not to say about them, since they pretty much speak for them selves. One thing is sure, though; the terms ‘impact’, ‘free publicity’, and ‘word of mouth’ were probably used by SSSS & Orchestra when presenting their concept. And indeed, just like the Suit Supply campaign, this one might also be able to cause a bit of a stir. In fact, if Hunkemöller is lucky enough, some women might even feel compelled to submit a complaint at the Dutch Advertising Standards Authority. After all, most women don’t look this foxy in Hunkemöller’s underwear. So first of all the ads are misleading. But more importantly, presenting women obsessed by phalli is an oversimplification of the female mind – women are far more complex. How disrespectful! Or something… Anyway, Marcel van der Vlugt was the lucky photographer who shot this divine creature for magazines and outdoor, to be used in Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Spain. Merry Christmas!